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Defeated: Malevolent Entities
by Dean (evilfearsme)
at November 22nd, 2005 (03:02 pm)
Hearing:: AC/DC - "Beating Around the Bush"

Non-Specific Spirits, Ghosts, and Malevolent Entities

Spirits and Ghosts

giantangstball [userpic]
Defeated: Wendigo
by giantangstball (giantangstball)
at November 20th, 2005 (12:21 pm)


Algonquian Root word- "witiku"
Variations of Name: Wendigo, Windego, Wetiko, Windago, Windikouk

Hearts of Ice
Wayward Hunters


Defeated: Woman in White
by Dean (evilfearsme)
at November 19th, 2005 (11:32 am)

Feeling:: Busy
Hearing:: Motorhead - "Ace of Spades"

Woman in White
also known as La Llorona or Weeping Woman

La Llorona
Southwestern Legend, La Llorona

giantangstball [userpic]
The Beginning
by giantangstball (giantangstball)
at November 23rd, 2005 (01:48 am)

My name is Sam Winchester and here’s the story so far…

Our father kept a journal of the things he’s hunted, of what we hunted. It’s only natural for us to keep it up. We, my brother Dean and I, don’t have to keep it up in the form that he does. We can’t misplace the internet, can we? Well, maybe Dean can. He has a knack for doing the impossible, so who knows.

It’s not often you wake up in the middle of the night to fight your brother over a beer. Well, a few weeks ago it did. Dean came for me, as if there was no other option. Just came. Dad had been missing three days by that night, and since then we’ve been on the move. I hadn’t planned it that way; it was only to be a few days. There was an interview I had to make. Plans change.

People die.

This is making any sense is it? Hunting, it’s just a word, something to do to pass the time and make you feel triumphant in killing a deer or something. That wasn’t what I was talking about. We hunt things, monsters, legends, myths. Whatever isn’t right, that scares you, that is what we hunt. As my brother puts it, we hunt the scary shit. What does that make us? If we can scare the things in the dark?

This and everything in it will be a catalogue of what we’ve done, and our search for dad. I was told that knowledge is the true power, better to keep track of what you know than to fade into the darkness without the protection of the light.

Well see how well we can protect.

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